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7 striking hair records in the Guinness Book of Recordsegory

5,627 meters of hair! It’s the record hair length that the Chinese Xie Qiuping has been in the Guinness Book of Records since 2004. Did you know that there are even more and much crazier hair entries in the famous record book?

1 – The fastest time to braid someone’s hair

Aycan Kemal from Great Britain has this record to his name. On 29 May 2011, the braided no less than 26 cornrow braids with one person. All that in just 15 minutes!

I’m happy when I can do 2 braids in 15 minutes.

2 – Longest nipple hair

In the category ieeeeeeeeeeuw there is the record of the longest nipple hair. A man from Italy had a total nipple hair of 17 cm!

3 – The heaviest vehicle pulled by a woman’s hair

Who needs muscle when you have strong hair? The Indian Asha Rani pulled with her hair a vehicle of an incredible 12,216 kg. That’s more than 12 tons! And yes, there are images of it!

4 – Highest hair

The highest hairstyle is 2.66 meters high. This record was set by several hairdressers during an event in Austria. They did this not only with the real hair of the woman, but they also used both real and fake hair. That’s a pity, isn’t it?

5 – Highly assured her

The million-dollar hair. The brand Head & Shoulders (you know them from the anti-dandruff shampoo) insured the hair of American football player Troy Polamalu for no less than 1 million American dollars.

Why? The football player is the representative of the brand. Polamalu hasn’t cut his hair since 2000 as an ode to his Samoan ancestors. At the time of insurance in 2000, his hair was about 91 cm long.

But that’s not even the most absurd amount in combination with the most striking kind of hair within an insurance policy. The chest hair of singer Tom Jones is insured for no less than 7 million dollars!

6 – Most chignons in 1 minute

Savas Turanci from Germany turned the hair of 35 women into a chignon. And that is only 1 minute time! He did this with the help of a hair stick. I am happy when I know how to make a chignon at all.

7 – Applying most hairpins in a roller coaster

This record is just too funny. A German twin, armed with hairpins, stepped into a roller coaster. In 1 minute they rolled 17 hairpins in their hair. And the best part is… it’s all filmed!

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