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10 tips to prevent split ends

1. Avoid heat

Heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. My rule is: If it’s too hot for your skin, it’s too hot for your hair. The fact that heat is bad for your hair is not so strange when you consider that hair is made up of the same proteins (keratin) as your skin.

So leave that hairdryer and other heat devices for what it is and watch out for hot water and the sun as well.

2. Stop painting / permitting / blonding

It might be a hitch, but chemical treatments are really bad for your hair. It’s best to stop dyeing, blending or perming your hair.

But I understand that the choice to do this isn’t as easy as it sounds (and this is what I say as an ex-dye junkie). What can help to limit damage and reduce it afterwards is Olaplex. Olaplex is one of the few hair products in the world that can repair sulphur compounds in your hair. Always ask your hairdresser for an Olaplex treatment if you have your hair dyed or premeditated.

3. Choose the right hairbrush or comb

You brush or comb your hair every day, sometimes several times a day. So it’s no wonder that according to researchers, this is one of the biggest causes of damage to your hair.

The right comb or brush can make a big difference. The best thing to do in general is to untangle your hair with your hands or with a wide-toothed comb. But it also differs per hair type which is the best way of combing/brushing and which comb or brush is best suited for this. It is therefore advisable to get to know what is good for your hair.

4. Stick your hair up

Loose hair will have to endure a lot someday. Loose hair wears down quickly and this leads to split ends. It’s better to regularly lighten up your hair, preferably in a hair-protecting hairstyle.

5. Use hair-friendly hair accessories

When you light up your hair, it is important to do so with accessories that do not damage your hair. So avoid using elastic bands as much as possible (if you use them, it’s best to use them without metal pieces, scrunchies or the ‘phone wire’ elastic bands), slide pins and clips.

My favourite hair-friendly accessories are the flex-8 and hair sticks. I never leave home without Flexi in my bag for hair emergencies.

6. Use oil for your hair

Oil puts a protective layer on your hair and helps hold water in your hair. This makes your hair less damaged and well hydrated.

My favourite hair oil is jojoba oil, but coconut oil is also a popular oil among girls with long hair.

7. Sleep with your hair on satin

Do you always get up with a bird’s nest-like her? Sleep on satin! Cushions of cotton and polyester slurp the moisture out of your hair at night. Also, your hair wears out faster and you get tangles faster because the material is not slippery and your hair rubs over it.

Satin is smooth, soft and because of the special weave of the fabric, it doesn’t absorb moisture from your hair.

8. Choose the right shampoo and wash in moderation

Washing your hair may be very good in terms of hygiene, but for your hair, it’s not that good. The best thing for your hair is to wash as little as possible and choose a mild shampoo or no ‘poo’ product.

9. Use of conditioner/hair mask

Research shows that conditioner significantly reduces the damage caused when you wash your hair.

10. Do a protein treatment

Particularly badly damaged hair caused by blundering, dyeing or perming is considerably improved by a protein treatment. It replenishes the lost keratin of your hair.

It is best to use a specially developed hair product or if you are more of do-it-yourself gelatin. Many people use eggs in their hair, but these proteins are too big to penetrate your hair.

Note: when using protein, it is very important that you also replenish the moisture level of your hair. Always use moisturizing products after a protein treatment.

Cut your hair

It’s not a tip to prevent split ends, but it’s a tip if you have split ends. Unfortunately, you can’t repair split ends (hopefully there will ever be that product), so it’s best to cut to make sure the split ends don’t split up any further.

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