Steve's Hair Advice Hair compilations 10 must-have products for (growing) long hair. Part 1

10 must-have products for (growing) long hair. Part 1

1. Satin pillowcase

Is your hair always a mess when you get up? Then you won’t sleep on a satin pillowcase! (If you already do this, consider a different haircut while you sleep).

Your old, familiar cotton or polyester pillowcase may look good, but it’s rough and slurps moisture out of your hair at night. Satin, however, is woven in such a way that it is smooth. This means fewer tangles, less damage and your hair stays hydrated. (It also sleeps wonderfully luxuriously!).

2. Oil

Oil helps to protect your hair, prevent split ends and at dry lengths. To increase hydration, always apply oil to wet hair. Use in moderation, a few drops are enough.

My favourite hair oil is jojoba oil. It’s quite light and has the same composition as the skin’s sebum. Other good hair oils include coconut oil and argan oil.

3. Tangle Teezer

My favourite hairbrush is the Tangle Teezer. In the beginning, it took some getting used to, but 7 years after I bought my first TT, this is still my go-to brush. The Tangle Teezer is designed in such a way that you can gently tangle it out of your hair.

There are now many types of Tangle Teezers, especially for different hair types and purposes. Recently I bought the version for fine hair and I notice that it is even softer for my hair than the Original.

A point of attention is that you should replace the Tangle Teezer every year. Due to wear and tear the tips of the brush become sharp and rough. But for barely 15 euros, it’s worth it.

4. Clarifying Shampoo

Ever wondered why you feel so clean and soft after a visit to the hairdresser? Usually, this is because the hairdresser has used a clarifying shampoo.

This type of shampoo is strongly cleansing and washes almost all the stacked ingredients including silicone, oils and minerals from your hair. As a result, the ingredients of hair products that you then apply, again a lot more effect.

Note: clarifying shampoo is not for daily use.

5. Lexicon of Cosmetic Ingredients

Knowledge about ingredients and what they do with and for your hair is something that comes in handy when you want to take better care of your hair.

A good book with clear, reliable information about cosmetic ingredients is something that everyone with an interest in hair and skincare should have. The Lexicon of Cosmetic Ingredients by Marieke Schutte is one such book.

After dealing with skin problems caused by fire, beautician Marieke carried out extensive research into ingredients that she could use safely and not safe on her skin. The result is a book with information about more than 10,000(!) ingredients.

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